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We've worked together for 15+ years and ISI has always been professional, reliable and straight forward. I look forward to many more years of the same. Tim Duncan - NBA San Antonio Spurs

ISI has provided me not just a product, but service and responsiveness with my insurance needs…I would recommend their work to anyone. Carlos Boozer - Chicago Bulls

Being a professional athlete, it is easy to get caught up in doing your job, with ISI I knew they were working for me to find me the best coverage so that I could focus on my job. They worked as hard in the office for me as I do on the track. Timmy Ferry - Retired, Professional Motocross Racer

ISI provided us with an experienced team of professional, knowledgeable people, who really ‘got it' the first time around. We have developed a strong relationship with the firm and know we can trust them to guide us in the right direction. Scottie Pippen - Retired, NBA

What a pleasure it is to know that in this day and age you can count on your Insurance guy! It gives us peace of mind, and to top it off, he's a great guy and easy to deal with! Our Insurance needs are always looked out for. Rudy & Betsy Perez - Rudy has received numerous gold and platinum records, and his works have been nominated for 17 Grammy Awards, with five wins.

The staff at ISI has strong industry knowledge and experience, providing us with good resources and quality services. R. Mark McLean, CLU - Vice President TurnKey Benefits, Inc.

…having a unique approach in the market, I have found ISI to bring to the table professionalism, creativity, and first rate service in helping our clients. Lon S. Babby - Phoenix Suns President of Basketball Operations

When dealing with the folks at International Specialty Insurance, we really got more than we bargained for. Not only did we get good advice and great service, but we got a wonderful sense of family. We were more than just a client. And that's important when you're making decisions that concern your child/star athlete and his or her future. Gloria M. James - LeBron James' Mother

ISI has given us superior service and is always responsive to me and my family's needs. It is a pleasure working with someone who treats us as more than a policyholder… Derrek Lee - First Baseman, Baltimore Orioles

Quite simply, he is the BEST in the industry! John Sonny Vaccaro - Former Sports Marketing Executive
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