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ValueGuard™ Insurance

We are proud to offer a series of new proprietary products that provide protection from financial losses due to injury, illness or death.


Own-Occupation Disability Protection For Your Alimony or Child Support Payments

What will happen to your alimony or child support payments if your ex-spouse becomes sick or injured?

If the financially responsible spouse and payor of alimony or child support payments becomes disabled, the payments may be reduced or terminated. Most agreements protect support payments against death, but do not include disability protection.

Protect yourself today against the adverse effects of these significant liabilities with Family ValueGuard™. An unexpected disability doesn’t have to leave you and your children struggling.


Disability Protection For Your Business

What will happen to your business if your become sick or injured? As a single business owner, you’ve invested countless hours and energy into creating wealth, stability and security for you and your family. This business is not only your source of income, but also your future retirement income and your legacy.

Will the value of your business withstand a DISABILITY MOMENT?

For the first time, a single business owner can insure the value of their business. ISI provides limits in excess of $5,000,000 with “own occupation” definitions.


Own-Occupation Disability Protection For Your Student Loans

How will you be able to pay your student loans if you become sick or injured?

You have protected your income with disability insurance to make sure your monthly expenses could be met. What about your student loans? Did you know that if you become disabled and can no longer be a doctor that you can be liable for your student loans?

Protect yourself today against the effects of this significant liability with Medical ValueGuard™. Make sure that when a disability moment happens, this hidden liability does not leave you and your family struggling.

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