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Specialty Insurance Products

Entertainers Insurance

The entertainment industry faces very unique risks. Event cancellations. Injuries. Inclement weather. Any number of factors can result in considerable financial loss.

ISI provides custom-tailored comprehensive insurance policies to meet the specific needs of entertainers. ISI insures individuals involved in the entertainment industry including musicians, touring entertainers, actors, writers, directors, producers, screenwriters and editors.

Disability Insurance

High Limit Disability

Entertainers represent a unique challenge for traditional disability insurers. Our markets provide comprehensive coverage against disability to protect any facet of the entertainment industry, from star actors to musicians, producers and people in other occupations of the entertainment industry.

  • Elimination periods 30, 60, 90, or 180 days available.
  • Monthly indemnity in excess to $100,000 a month
  • Lump Sum coverage $75,000,000+
  • Own occupation definition
Case Study

A U.S. talent agency signed a long-term contract to represent a very high profile recording artist. International Specialty Insurance provided the client with a $10,000,000 policy protecting the agency in the event that the artist either dies or is permanently disabled. As this coverage needed to be confidential, it was completed without a medical report and with only a proposal form and justification of the sum insured from the agency.

Life Insurance

Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D)

Accidents happen every day, sometimes serious enough to cause a critical injury, or even death. AD&D policies can be issued in increments of time from 1 day to 36 months, coverage amounts range from $1 million to $75 million and coverage can generally be bound within hours with an application and financial justification. In the event of accidental death, this insurance will pay benefits in addition to any life insurance held.

  • High risk events
  • 24 Hour, Worldwide Coverage
  • War and Terrorism Coverage
  • Benefit amounts exceeding $75,000,000 per person
  • Policy Terms of 30, 60, 90 days or up to 3 years
Interim Life Insurance

International Specialty Insurance provides Failure to Survive insurance (also known as Confidential Life) as an alternative to traditional life insurance for corporations. Failure to Survive was designed to provide an immediate solution to your life insurance needs. While traditional life underwriting often takes many weeks to complete, Failure to Survive can be accomplished in a matter of hours.

  • Policy Terms of 30, 60, 90 days or up to 2 years
  • 24 Hour, Worldwide Coverage
  • Benefit amounts to $50,000,000 per person
  • War and Terrorism Coverage
  • Accident & Sickness
  • Must be third party owned with contractual obligation
  • No Medical Exam Required

Contingency & Specialty Insurance

Kidnap and Ransom

Kidnap and Ransom insurance protects corporate executives, business owners and celebrities against the financial consequences of a kidnap, illegal detention or extortion. International Specialty Insurance provides Kidnap and Ransom insurance coverage to help mitigate this risk and works with the world’s leading crisis management response groups to help provide a safe and peaceful solution to a terrible experience.

Typical Clients:
  • Banks and financial services companies
  • Oil, gas and petrochemical companies,
  • Foreign aid companies
  • Security companies
  • Mining and construction companies
  • High net worth individuals
  • Pilots
  • Celebrities including the stars of the stage, screen and athletes
Kidnap and Ransom

Coverage is purchased by the organizers of sporting events, theatrical productions, conferences, exhibitions and similar events. It will indemnify the Assured for their loss of revenue or expenses if the event is cancelled, abandoned, postponed or relocated due to any cause beyond the Assureds or the participants control.


This coverage is the same as that for cancellation and abandonment but it specifically covers the non-appearance of a principal artist, group of artists, or any other specified personality. Coverage is usually purchased on “any cause” basis but it can be limited to the death, accident or sickness of the artist if required.

Case Study

A major concert promoter arranged a world tour lasting for twelve months by a major American pop group who had a reputation for hard living. Satisfactory medical information was received and coverage was provided for the loss of revenue in excess of $50,000,000.

Death, Disablement and Disgrace

Coverage is purchased by companies to protect their expenses incurred in connection with an advertising campaign, product endorsement or sponsorship contract where a celebrity is used to promote a product or service. The death, disablement or disgrace of the celebrity during the campaign could lead to the withdrawal of the campaign or cancellation of the endorsement or sponsorship contract with consequent loss to the company.

Case Study

A well known manufacturer of clothing engaged a well known celebrity to promote their product for a two year period. The fee paid to the celebrity was guaranteed by the company and coverage was arranged to protect the Assured against the cancellation or withdrawal of the promotion in the event of the death, disablement or disgrace of the celebrity during the promotion.

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