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Ifo Ekpre-Olomu collects record $3M on loss of value policy

By : on : October 19, 2015 posted in: ( General )

Cleveland Browns cornerback Ifo Ekpre-Olomu collected a $3 million insurance policy on Monday for slipping in the NFL draft, a source confirmed to It's the most a college player has ever collected on a loss of value policy, which insures the player if he slips in the draft. Olomu and the University of Oregon bought the loss of value policy for the first team All-America cornerback before his senior year.

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Getting Back in the Car

By : on : October 14, 2015 posted in: ( General )

The safety crew at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway saved my life. They had a lot of trouble getting me out of the racecar because I was literally pinned in by that metal rod, but they worked some sort of miracle to get me out of the car and into an ambulance. That’s when they realized how bad it was. They saw how much blood I was losing. They didn’t even stop at the infield medical center.

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By : on : May 21, 2015 posted in: ( General )

September 06, 2010 - If you're an NFL player, it may be the most important piece of paper you can sign before opening day. Just ask Kenechi Udeze. In winter 2008, Udeze, a defensive end for the Minnesota Vikings, started feeling intense migraines. He'd had headaches before, but nothing like these. A trip to a Minnesota hospital the day after the New York Giants beat the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLIII revealed the reason

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Former Texas A&M OT Ogbuehi hopes knee injury doesn’t lessen his value in NFL draft

By : on : April 29, 2015 posted in: ( General )

But he returned to school for his senior season, encouraged in part by A&M paying the premium, reportedly costing more than $50,000, for loss-of-value insurance. He then tore his right anterior cruciate ligament in the third quarter of his final collegiate game — the AutoZone Liberty Bowl on Dec. 29 in Memphis.

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TE Jermichael Finley's $10M fallback plan might not be firm

By : on : August 4, 2014 posted in: ( General )

The recent narrative on former Green Bay Packers tight end Jermichael Finley has centered on his decision about his NFL future. Since receiving "full clearance" to play football after suffering a career-threatening neck injury on Oct. 20, does he collect $10 million from the disability insurance he purchased before his injury or give that money up by coming back to play?

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Joel Embiid without value insurance

By : on : June 20, 2014 posted in: ( General )

Former University of Kansas center Joel Embiid would not be able to recoup some of the money he lost if he slips significantly in the draft as a result of the stress fracture in his right foot. Embiid was scheduled to have surgery on Friday.

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Collect big on insurance after NFL draft fall

By : on : May 12, 2014 posted in: ( General )

After going undrafted, former USC linebacker Morgan Breslin may be in line to collect between $750,000 to $1 million as the first collegiate football player to receive a payout on a loss of value insurance policy, according to an industry source.

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